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Residential Leed Certified Benefits

Why Real Estate Investors Should Get Residential LEED-Certified

Did you know that when you add residential real estate investments to your portfolio, there are residential LEED-Certified improvements that will strengthen your investment? Maybe […]

Gas Leak Protocol Detector

5 Things You Should Know About Gas Leak Protocol in NYC

Do you know your gas leak protocol?  If you own a residential or commercial building in NYC, there are several things you need to do […]

NYC Oil To Gas Conversion Yellow Valve

NYC Oil To Gas Conversion Factors for Home and Business Owners

Those of you who’ve lived in NYC a while know many of our city’s apartments operate their heating systems by oil, proving how old many […]

Antique Bath Fixtures Claw Tub

Everything You Need to Know About Using Antique Bath Fixtures

Interested in using antique bath fixtures for your next remodel? If you are building or renovating your home, then the question of designing the bathroom […]

Learn Blocked Plumbing Vent Signs

3 Signs of a Blocked Plumbing Vent

All homes contain critical vertical pipes known as plumbing vents, which pass upward through your home and out through the roof. Plumbing vents serve indispensable […]