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Drain Blockage Apartment Building Pipes

How to Prepare Your Apartment Building Pipes for Grease and Oil

Do you live in an apartment building and worry about grease and oil in your apartment building pipes? Many people are unaware that grease, oils, […]

NYC Contaminated With Lead

How Can NYC Water Still Be Contaminated with Lead?

Did you know that some NYC water may still be contaminated with lead? In 1986, lead pipes and plumbing fixtures were banned for commercial, residential, […]

NYC Plumbing Contractor Building Renovation

How to Hire a NYC Plumbing Contractor for Your Building Renovation Project

Those of you who live in NYC know how badly many buildings in the city are starting to age. Renovating them can become even more […]

2019 NYC Boiler Inspections FAQ

About NYC Boiler Inspections In 2019

For commercial property owners and multi-family building owners in New York City, it is vital to remember that boilers need to undergo an inspection every […]

Commercial Leed Certifications Condo Building

5 Things Businesses Should Know About Commercial LEED Certifications

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager in New York City, you’ve probably heard about LEED. But it’s more important than ever to know […]