Can You Give a Water Softener as a Gift?

Dec 28, 2019 | Plumbing Advice

Thoughtful gift-giving comes in many forms, especially between family members who really understand the day-to-day challenges in a person’s life. So if someone you love has been suffering from the effects of extremely hard water in their home, can you gift them with a water softener unit? Yes, you can.

Water Softener Salt

A truly thoughtful gift might be anything from a home massage kit to an apartment lease; it all depends on what the special people in your life really need. The family often goes a little ‘out of the box,’ sometimes literally by gifting things that cannot be boxed but provide a profound improvement to a loved one’s life nonetheless.

How to Give a Water Softener as a Gift

Gifting a water softening unit to someone else is not as complicated as it sounds. The installation will be the same, and, of course, you will need their cooperation to have it installed in their home. But it is absolutely possible to make arrangements and cover the costs for a water softener to be installed in the home of someone you care for.

If a loved one has been experiencing negative effects of hard water in their home, ranging from appliance and plumbing problems to the health of their skin and hair, you can help. It starts with finding a water softener installation service near their home where your loved one lives and making a call.

Long Distance or Overseeing the Installation

The next question is whether or not you will be able to oversee the installation of the water softener yourself. This is a kind way to allay the responsibilities associated with installing a new appliance. If you can do the consultation to assess the home, find the right installation point, and then choose a water softener that suits the needs of the home, all the better. If you can be at the house to oversee the installation, this can save your loved one significant time in relation to your gift.

However, if you are gifting from a distance, you will need more cooperation with your loved one, and they may need to take over the duties of consultation and to be present during the installation. This, of course, will contribute to your surprise.

Selecting a Water Softener Unit

Choosing a water softener involves selecting a brand, a size, and of course, suiting the space and placement requirements of the home where it will be installed. The more information you have about the home, the more easily you will be able to pre-select a model of water softener and then present an entire pre-costed and tentatively scheduled plan for installation. Of course, you don’t want to have a large appliance installed in someone’s home without running the plan by them first, even if it is a gift. But you can present your loved one with a complete plan ready to be enacted at their agreement.

Covering the Costs of the Water Softener

Finally, when the consultation, unit selection, and the quote is complete, it is absolutely possible for you to pay for a water softener to be installed in a loved one’s home. With their agreement, you cover the costs, and your water softener installers set a date to bring in the unit. Then you or your loved one, whoever is available, can oversee the installation, and the gift will be complete.

Giving the Gift of Soft Water

The best part about gifting a water softener is the way it will improve the lives of your loved one and their family. Their pipes will run cleaner, their appliances will stop clogging, and their physical health may improve as the harsh minerals of hard water are removed from their life. For more information about how to give a water softener as a gift to someone you love, contact Aladdin Plumbing today.

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