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‘One Wish’ Plumbing Service Plan

Every homeowner faces the ongoing responsibility of maintaining their plumbing system. But what happens if you don’t have time, skill, or inclination? It would be nice to have a professional plumber regularly review your plumbing system once a year. The Aladdin Plumbing ‘One Wish’ Residential Plumbing Service Plan provides homeowners the convenience and peace of mind to ensure proper plumbing system maintenance. Routine plumbing maintenance on your entire system will address minor issues before they become big ones.The ‘One Wish’ plumbing plan includes 5% off all plumbing service calls. Aladdin Plumbing makes plumbing maintenance easy.

Peace of mind to ensure proper plumbing system maintenance!

Aladdin Plumbing is proud to feature three levels of residential plumbing service plan’s; our ‘One Wish’ plan, our ‘Two Wishes’ plan, and our ‘Three Wishes’ plan. Each level of our plumbing service maintenance plan is designed with your convenience in mind. Download the Aladdin Plumbing Service Plan Terms and Conditions PDF. We are Brooklyn brownstone plumbing specialists.


Aladdin’s ‘One Wish’ plumbing service plan includes:

Check all faucets for leaks

Dye test all toilets for leaks

Inspect all sink piping, washing machine hoses and exposed plumbing lines

Check city water meter for excess usage

Water heater checkup

One sewer main maintenance per year

5% off all plumbing service calls

* $200 per year renewal


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