Three of the Best Brownstone Renovations In New York City

Sep 18, 2019 | Industry News, Residential Bathroom Plumbing

Are you undergoing a brownstone renovation? A brownstone is a row house which has a facade made up of brick, limestone, brownstone, or a mixture. Brownstone is a red-brown, or dark chocolate sandstone, with a bit of mica content. This style of a row house, designed during the Victorian era, typically joins aspects of the Neo-Grec architecture and a Mansard roof, also known as French roof layouts.

Best Brownstone Renovations

Since many brownstones appeared in the late 1800s, if one of the row houses has not been well-tended, they probably need to have a considerable facelift. Architectural and interior designers lend their expertise to homeowners who need assistance in keeping the integrity of the home while, also, modernizing the wiring, the skeleton of the home, and, of course, the plumbing.

Here are three of the best brownstone renovations that show how beautiful and up-to-date a refurbished brownstone can become.

1. A Brooklyn Park Slope Townhouse Renovation

Park Slope is considered one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. Filled with historic buildings, well-regarded restaurants, and trendy bars and shops, this is a community with quite a few brownstones. Prospect Park is nearby and offers a remarkable disconnect from the ever-bustling city.

The young couple who moved into this townhouse saw that there was work to be done. But the bones of the brownstone were well-worth saving. The ceilings in this area were damaged, and the walls were worn. Contractors placed penny tiles by the front door. Workers installed five-inch white oak planks as flooring throughout the entryway.

The existing living room had an acoustic tile ceiling, walls of several different colors. The homeowners had the fireplace in the living room restored, used crown molding in the space, and painted the room Sherwin Williams Origami White. All these changes made the living room much airier and more modern.

The 2,040 brownstone was painted white on the outside and boasts four bedrooms, three full baths, a private garden, deck, and patio.

2. A One-Hundred-Year-Old Brooklyn Brownstone

Dan DiClerico, now a Home Expert & Smart Home Strategist at Home Advisor, bought a Brooklyn brownstone for his family. With his background in renovating houses, he had the skills it would take to make this townhouse suitable for his wife, children, and himself.

The exterior of the building was looking good, and many of the original details were worth keeping. The owner’s main concern was the layout of the home.

DiClerico wanted to have access to music in every room of the house, which he obtained by placing wireless ceiling speakers. The homeowner had enough experience with DIY-ing to know that picking quality architects, contractors, and technologists. His completed renovation shows that hiring the best is always the right decision.

3. Park Slope Historic Brownstone Re-Do

This project included complete bathroom remodeling throughout the brownstone and a kitchen expansion and relocation. The owner’s intent was preserving the historical features of the building while creating a comfortable area in which to live.

Many who purchase an NYC brownstone want to keep the original woodwork intact, which can be challenging for modern contractors. This house contained elaborately carved moldings and doors. Fortunately, molding and doors throughout the house were in excellent condition.

The homeowners chose pared-down furniture and decor to keep the lines clean and to spotlight the beauty of the wooden detail of the home. Light-colored walls, sleek, modern furniture, and relaxed accouterment completed the owners’ vision.

As some of these homeowners have made clear, brownstone renovation requires the assistance of expert craftsmen and craftswomen. And because Aladdin has had years of experience with NYC renovations, particularly with brownstones, our company is well-versed in residential plumbing, heating, and cooling. We are also well-trained in green energy installations and repairs for your brownstone residence. Aladdin Plumbing has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for several years, along with outstanding client testimonials.

Contact Aladdin Plumbing and let us help you have the best brownstone renovations!

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