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Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures Scald Proof Head

More Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures, Scald-Proof Shower Head Advantages

This time in our ongoing Brooklyn plumbing fixtures series we discuss scald-proof shower heads. Pretty much everybody loves the luxury of a piping hot shower. […]

Brooklyn Heights Plumber Sink Issues

Brooklyn Heights Plumber Talks Common Sink Related Issues

Many common sink problems are best left to the hands of an experienced plumber. Certain issues are often basic enough that relative amateurs can resolve […]

Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures Kitchen Sink

Upgrading Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures, The New Kitchen Sink

When installing new Brooklyn plumbing fixtures, the kitchen sink is a modest improvement project that can instantly spruce up a home. Unfortunately, it can also […]

Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures Toilet Flange

More About Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures, The Toilet Flange

As one of the most frequent sources of water damage, leaking Brooklyn plumbing fixtures can end up costing you a small fortune in repair costs. […]

Running Toilet Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures

Repairing Brooklyn Plumbing Fixtures, The Running Toilet

As far as Brooklyn plumbing fixtures go, few are more prone to mysterious problems than the toilet. The good news is that, with a little […]