Tankless Water Heaters Are Easy On Your Pocket And The Environment

Sep 25, 2019 | Products & Services

With conventional storage water heater systems, several gallons of water is held in a tank, which is heated with an electrical coil or a flame burner. The water is kept at a constant temperature, probably at around 120-140 degrees. When you are ready to use hot water, whether it is in a morning shower or a sink full of dishes, or even just to wash your hands, that water is delivered to that faucet via pipes in your home. The tank fills up with the same amount of water used from the household water supply and is brought up to temperature.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Even if no one is home to use the water, it is kept at a constant temperature, with the thermostat regulating the heat and turning on the burner whenever the temperature of the water drops down below the desired degree. Water heater tanks were created with convenience in mind, when households previously had to boil their water for washing, cleaning, and bathing. In those days, natural gas was significantly cheaper, and convenience outweighed any consideration of energy efficiency. It was a small price to pay to have hot water literally on tap throughout the day.

But when you aren’t taking a shower or doing dishes all day long, that energy is simply wasted. Not only are you paying to keep a tank full of water hot, but you are also creating carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions which are vented into the outside world.

Why Tankless Water Heaters?

With advances in heating coil technology as well as considerations of how much fuel and water we use reaching a nexus. When technology meets the demands for greener living, it really is an exciting time to consider the tankless water heating system. Unlike a storage water heater, the tankless system offers a continuous flow of hot water on demand whenever you open up a tap. Heating elements inside the device heat the water as it enters the until and it is at the ideal temperature.  Then it is delivered to your faucets through the lines in your home.

Without having to constantly heat a tank full of gallons and gallons of water, the tankless system heats what you need and then it waits for the next time you run the tap. This eliminates costly and environmentally wasteful fuel use throughout the day which you would normally expect. You can expect results of 8-34% more energy efficiency compared to standard storage systems. Depending on your energy and water use, you can expect at least $100 per year in savings.

Without that constant use, your tankless water heater can expect at least a five year longer life expectancy than a storage type system. In part, this is due to the lack of standing water in the system, which, when heated, begins to oxidize and corrode metal surfaces inside the tanks. When water is pumped in cold and out heated, you significantly reduce the impact of heated water on metal parts.

Dedication To The Environment

At Aladdin Plumbing, we are dedicated to bringing our customers into a new era of environmentally conscious and friendly plumbing and water heating. These are not your grandparent’s water heaters. With the price of fuel rising, consumption of natural resources, it is important to act now. Aladdin Plumbing has been a market leader in not only saving you money on heating costs but also in reducing the carbon footprint of our customers in new construction or replacement of old, outdated equipment.

Contact Aladdin Plumbing Corp for all of your tankless water heater and plumbing needs. With our team of trained professionals and years of experience, we have the quality workmanship and care you need to outfit your home with the latest and greenest appliances.

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