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Building management can feel like a 24/7 job. Even if you’re not the first one called when an HVAC unit goes down in the middle of the night, you still have to do a lot to make sure everything gets fixed as soon as possible. One of the best ways to reduce the number of emergency calls and air conditioning failures in your building is with a comprehensive HVAC preventative maintenance contract.

Preventative Maintenance Contract HVAC

But when it comes to commercial HVAC systems, especially for large buildings, you need to do more than stay on top of changing the filter. The amount of work it takes to keep your HVAC systems in good repair won’t just eat into your schedule. It can rapidly outstrip your certified know-how. So look for a reliable plumbing service that offers preventative maintenance contracts instead.

1. Trained professionals can thoroughly inspect and tune your HVAC.

Most of the expensive problems you face from a broken or a malfunctioning HVAC start with poor maintenance. If the filter isn’t regularly changed (or the filter is the wrong type), the appliance will overwork itself to pump cooled air through the barrier. Loose parts and slightly slipped belts will wear out faster than they should. Leaking antifreeze lines don’t just lose pressure; they drip toxic chemicals between the condenser and the interior unit.

But all of these problems can seem small or insignificant at first. If you’re not a trained HVAC technician, you might even be able to see the issues when they first develop. But routine maintenance can catch problems before they turn into expensive repairs or even whole-unit replacements.

2. Retain tenants by improving general performance.

Well-maintained HVAC units don’t just save you money because of reduced repair expenses. They earn you more money by helping you build a better relationship with your tenants.

Whether you manage an apartment complex with dozens of residents or a large commercial building with dozens of companies, good HVAC quality is essential for keeping them all happy. Inconsistent cooling and heating, oddly-smelling air, and unresponsive machines all make for unhappy tenants that spread the word and post negative reviews.

Good preventative maintenance is essential for keeping tenants comfortable, uninconvenienced, and long-term customers. Contracting out that preventative maintenance is the key to making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Get seasonal maintenance handled without schedule issues.

Property management has hectic peak seasons, and every quarter brings new challenges. Even if you mean to stay on top of preventative maintenance, it’s hard to find the time. But trained HVAC technicians can stay on top of maintenance to make sure your HVACs are ready for the season ahead.

Before spring gets underway, contracted technicians can check the cooling system, tune up your HVAC, and make sure the parts are well-lubricated after a dormant winter. Then before the weather changes in fall and winter, they can come back to tune the heaters, inspect furnace ignition points and the heat exchanger, and more. When you have a preventative maintenance contract, you don’t need to worry about scheduling those appointments every three months.

Preventative maintenance and repairs are more straightforward to manage when you use a single HVAC service for everything you need. Contact Aladdin Plumbing to learn more about our preventative maintenance plans. We can customize our services to fit your schedule, your building, and your units.