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High Water Bill? Park Slope Plumbing Expert Can Help

No one likes financial surprises, and there’s nothing worse than opening up a bill to find you owe much more than you expected. For many people, that happens with the arrival of the water bill. While a water bill is typically around the same amount, suddenly it can jump up without warning. To find out what the cause could be and prevent it from happening again, a Park Slope plumbing expert like Aladdin Plumbing can help determine the cause.

Park Slope Plumbing Expert Can Help High Water Bill Save Money

The first thing to do is examine your water usage habits. Have you had long-term visitors which has added to your consumption? Are kids taking extra-long showers? In nicer weather, maybe you’ve been watering plants or filling a pool.

Most of the time, a big jump in water usage is due to a plumbing leak. A good deal of the time, a toilet is the culprit. It may continue to run after it is flushed, or run intermittently without rhyme or reason. Because it is in the bathroom, you may not hear it, but a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day.

Maybe you have a faucet that drips a little. While it does not seem like a lot, those drips can add up. Even a minor drip can result in hundreds of gallons going down the drain each month. The same thing happens with a little leak in a pipe. A little pinhole leak can add up to thousands of gallons at the end of the month.

Other common leak locations include the hot water tank or a water softener that is running too often. Homeowners should also check outdoor spigots that might not be turned off all the way or underground sprinkler lines that might have been accidentally severed.

If you’ve been experiencing water bills that are higher than normal and need help getting things under control, we can help. We will check out the household plumbing to make sure we know where the problem is coming from, and repair or replace parts to ensure the next time you open your water bill you will have a more pleasant surprise. To schedule an appointment with a park slope plumbing expert, contact Aladdin Plumbing today.