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Park Slope Air Conditioning Contractor Installs Ductless Central Air Conditioning

This summer promises to bring the heat and humidity, and some homeowners who detest the hot sticky days wish they could have central air installed in their home. Unfortunately, many homes do not have ducts, so that means no central air, right? Well this Park Slope air conditioning contractor knows that there are options for these types of homes, so be encouraged that you do not need to wrestle with window units and fans this summer.

Park Slope Air Conditioning Contractor Compressor

The first option for ductless homes is a hydronic system. Many homes use hydronics for heating their home. In this process, hot water is sent through a loop and heats the air via conductivity. This system can also be used to cool a home. Water is cooled using a chiller, or a geothermal system, and a similar process.

A second option is a mini-split system for homes without ducts. In these units, a compressor/condenser is outside the home, and an air handler is mounted on a wall in the home. A conduit connecting the two houses the electrical wires, refrigerant lines, and a condensate drain. Because the compressor is outside, these units are whisper quiet. Many systems allow the installation of multiple air handlers in the home, allowing homeowners to create different cooling zones.

The moral of the story is, don’t assume central air is out the question just because you do not have ducts. There are usually options that don’t involve noisy window units or ineffective fans. To find out the best way to cool your home before the summer heats up, contact Aladdin Plumbing. With over 40 years of experience in the NYC area, we are confident we can find a solution for you. Whether you have a newer home or a historic brownstone, we have the knowledge to make your home a comfortable haven, both in the winter and the summer.