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2 Services Performed By Experienced HVAC Brooklyn NY Technicians

Many people make the mistake of assuming that, so long as their furnace has not stopped running completely, it is not in need of any attention. Unfortunately, this can lead to the need for expensive and easily avoidable repairs. Keep this from happening to you by discussing two common maintenance tasks an experienced HVAC Brooklyn NY will perform to ensure your furnace is running strongly.

Hvac Brooklyn NY Technicians

Check Your Igniter’s Resistance

The majority of furnaces produced in recent years contain electronic ignition systems. These utilize a special igniter, made out of either silicon nitride or carbide, to generate the spark necessary for combustion to proceed. A non-working igniter is the cause of many a non-working furnace, which is why a professional which always check for potential problems. This is done using a volt-ohm meter to measure the igniter’s resistance. If the reading falls outside of normal parameters, your best option to prevent future malfunctions is to have the igniter, an inexpensive component, replaced as soon as possible.

Clean Your Burners

Contamination represents perhaps the single greatest threat to the burners in your furnace. That is because their location means they develop deposits of soot, carbon, and other combustion by-products. Over time such deposits can partially clog the burner openings, causing your furnace’s efficiency to drop off rapidly. If the problem becomes bad enough, it can even hamper gas flow to the point that combustion can no longer proceed.

For those reasons, it is important to have your burners cleaned regularly by a trained furnace technician. This is accomplished by using a stiff-bristled brush to remove any superficial deposits. The inside of the burners are then blown clean using either pressurized air or dry nitrogen.

For more information how a trained professional can keep your furnace running strong, please contact the HVAC Brooklyn NY experts at Aladdin Plumbing.