We Can’t Always Service Everyone, But…

Oct 18, 2011 | Residential Bathroom Plumbing, Testimonials & Reviews

While Aladdin Plumbing strives to give their customers the best possible service, it’s sometimes impossible to get to every job. That’s why Aladdin has aligned itself with a network of excellent affiliates in Brooklyn and NYC to help pick up the slack when needed. Like us, these companies are fully insured, reputable and qualified in their fields!!

We recently had a service request that was sent to us through our 24 hour live answering service and also through an Angie’s List Quick Connect email. We responded immediately to the requests, but were unable to dispatch a crew to this location. After diagnosing the problem while speaking with the customer over the phone, we were able to recommend a sewer cleaning affiliate to handle the job. An excerpt from an email sent to us by the very satisfied client reads:

Hi Erik,

“Everything is taken care of, thank you. Mike kindly referred me to Ajax Sewer Corp., as he said it sounded like we had a main sewer stoppage. Nick from Ajax came by on Sunday, and was able to do a drill-out – there’s no way, without digging up our tiny back yard, to get to the main house trap, apparently. But the drill-out worked. I called Aladdin’s office & left a message for Mike, thanking him& telling him the result. I am very, very happy both with Aladdin’s responsiveness & honesty, & with Ajax’s responsiveness & great work. I’ll be putting a good review in Angie’s List for both of you, & I will definitely call you for any future plumbing needs we have. (We will probably be renovating both bathrooms over the next couple of years, so I know already there will be work in this area.) many thanks – and thank you for emailing me!”


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