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Fans of the TV show This Old House know there are some things you just have to love about an old house. Molding and trim that wasn’t just slapped on the wall, but was obviously a labor of love. The interior’s original hardwood floors that continue to stand the test of time, and a rich history. However, some things in an old house can drive you nuts, like old plumbing. When that happens, consider contacting a This Old House plumber for your old house.

This Old House Plumber Replaces Old House Pipes

Some things you chalk up to the character of the dwelling. The slope in the dining room floor, or the creak on the bottom step that you avoid during the middle of the night. But there’s a point when the character is not quite so quaint, and you just need an update. In older houses, the plumbing and pipes are often something that fall into that category.

If you turn on the spigot and get rust-colored water, or if you are worried about lead leaching in from your pipes, it is time to get an evaluation from an experienced This Old House plumber. Lack of water pressure and little leaks are also signs your pipes need a modern update.

Many older houses have cast iron, brass, or galvanized steel pipes. If the house was previously renovated, some parts might have been replaced with PVC, which isn’t always reliable. If you are ready to update your pipes, we can help you. There are many modern options so you can make the best decision for your home. Copper pipe is the standard for the most reliable and longest-lasting material. However, many homeowners are now switching pipes out to PEX, a flexible plastic tube that offers more flexibility, saving homeowners money.

If you love the charm of your old house, but want to update some things to enjoy 21st-century amenities, contact Aladdin Plumbing. As a This Old House plumber, we can get your home’s pipes updated properly, so you can get back to enjoying the character and history of your old house.

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