Solve Slow Drains and Other Problems With Plumbing in Brooklyn

Mar 20, 2015 | Plumbing Advice

Do you have problems with your plumbing in Brooklyn? Does it take longer for your sink to drain than it takes you to get ready for work every day? Is there standing water in your bathtub long after you are done taking a shower? These are common plumbing in Brooklyn issues that are easily remedied by a professional. Unfortunately sometimes, our DIY generation’s attempt at repairs can cause larger issues.

Plumbing in Brooklyn Slow Draining Sink

When struggling with a slow draining sink, for example, it can be tempting to take a quick trip to the store and purchase of a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. People think liquid drain cleaner will solve your slow draining sink issue, cheaper and faster than contacting an actual plumber. However, most people do not realize that in some cases a liquid drain cleaner is completely ineffective and sometimes it can even cause damage to your plumbing.

Why Your Grocer Loves You

How many bottles of drain cleaner have you purchased lately, yet your sink still moves at a snail’s pace? Your local grocer is smiling every time you walk in the door to buy another bottle. If your clog is resistant to liquid drain cleaner, this attempt at solving an ongoing dilemma is a futile and wasteful one. Often liquid drain cleaner is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. The drain will move a little quicker, for a short period, but then, in a few short weeks, the slowness returns. At $15 or $20 per bottle for this short-term remedy, it can add up fast.

A Short Term Solution?

The reason liquid drain cleaner solutions usually do not get the job done right is because they only scratch the surface. Steady build-up in a drain pipe happens over many years. Grease, hair, grime and other debris have been piling up for a long time (your drain did not clog overnight). Pouring in a liquid drain cleaner will usually only clear clogs directly under the sink.

For real solutions to problems with plumbing in Brooklyn, contact the professional licensed plumbers at Aladdin Plumbing. We will diagnose your drain clogging issues and employ our professional techniques to remove your clog, so your do not continue to experience slowness. For tough clogs, we can use a plumbers snake. With Park Slope based Aladdin Plumbing, your wish for great plumbing services at affordable prices will come true.

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