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Soon the winds of change will blow, and the heat and humidity of the summer will fade. Winter will bring snow and ice, and the comfortable seasonal air will turn frigid. You want your home toasty warm during these times. You depend on your HVAC Brooklyn NY for both heating and cooling. However, did you know that your unit needs to be professionally serviced just like your car?

HVAC Brooklyn NY Service Saves Money

You need to service your vehicles every 3,000 miles with an oil change. Can you imagine how your car would run if you never changed the oil? Think of your heating and cooling unit like your car. HVAC Brooklyn NY should have maintenance a minimum of two times per year.  Professional service one in the heating and once again in the cooling season. A certified technician can identify any HVAC Brooklyn NY issues before they become a maintenance issue. From worn belts to lose electrical connections, early detection can prevent further damage.  As with all things, waiting costs money.

Fall is the perfect time to have your HVAC unit inspected. Preventative maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars each year in unnecessary repairs. Routine HVAC Brooklyn NY maintenance includes the following things:

  • Check Thermostat
  • Check Voltages
  • Verify Blower Amps
  • Examine Heat Exchanger
  • Check For Loose or Corroded Connections
  • Examine Gas Piping
  • Ensure Flue Vent Is In Tact
  • Check Burner Temperature
  • Change Air Filter

Contact Aladdin Plumbing to schedule your preventative maintenance. It is amazing how efficient a modern HVAC Brooklyn NY system can run after a “tune-up.” So remember, just because you cannot see the system’s inner workings does not mean that it does not need maintenance. Ensure your HVAC Brooklyn NY is running properly for the times when your family need it most with certified HVAC Brooklyn NY maintenance from Aladdin Plumbing.

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