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Park Slope Brownstone Kitchen Remodeling

If you are thinking of undertaking a park slope brownstone kitchen remodeling, then now is the perfect time to inspect, upgrade and modify the plumbing that services your fixtures and appliances too. During a remodel is the most cost-effective time to change the location of sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Brooklyn Street Park Slope Brownstone Kitchen Remodeling

Aging Brownstones

If you live in Park Slope, then your brownstone probably has a lot of what is referred to as ‘historic charm.’ Unfortunately, historic charm often goes hand in hand with very (very) small kitchens. Finding space for modern appliances in an older house can be difficult, which is why partial and full kitchen remodels are one of the most common renovation projects in the Park Slope neighborhood.

Dream Kitchens

How easy it will be to move your fixtures and appliances depends on the extent of your remodel. If you are considering removing a wall and installing an island, tearing up the floor or replacing cabinets, then plumbing in a new ice maker, island sink or even a tankless water heater may be much easier than you think.

No matter what your dream, an experienced remodeling plumber can help you adapt your space to the kitchen of you have always wanted. Deep, bulky sinks, handy hide-away dishwashers or dainty bar sinks – if you can dream it, a professional plumber can help you make it a reality.

Getting Started

If you are not sure where to start, Aladdin can help. With over fifty years experience working on homes in the Park Slope area, we can put you in contact with trustworthy local remodeling contractors and get your permitting processes started so your remodel goes as smoothly as possible.

Already working with a construction contractor? If there are issues, you can always call Aladdin before you finalize your plans for a free on-site consultation. We can help point out problems before you begin, saving you time and money.

Aladdin can help you discover the hidden potential in your kitchen. Contact Aladdin Plumbing online or by phone at (718) 783-4621 for your free kitchen remodel consultation today.