NYC Plumbers Help You Avoid Common Plumbing Issues

Feb 1, 2015 | Plumbing Advice

There are many homeowners in the NYC who are not as familiar with the workings of their plumbing systems as they could be. While acquiring plumbing knowledge is not a requirement to be a homeowner, it can help prevent the homeowner from experiencing certain frustrating situations, especially during the winter. As a premier NYC plumber, Aladdin Plumbing is proud to provide tips on how to avoid some common plumbing issues.

NYC Plumbers Fixing Garbage Disposal

Your Garage Disposal, Not Designed For All Trash

The primary function of garbage disposals is to help pulverize food particles. The result is intended to be so small that the debris can travel smoothly inside the pipe system without causing any clogs. However, certain people put larger items into the disposal thinking that running water will also make them travel smoothly, but their assumption is incorrect. Although it is true that water facilitates the travel of debris within the pipe system, you should always make sure that their size is reasonable. Ideally you should empty your plates into the trash bin, as this will eliminate all the risks associated with the improper use of the garbage disposal.

How Do You Know If Your Drain Is Clogged?

If you usually put food debris inside your drain, then you are more prone to experience a clogging issue than someone who does not. Still worse, you might not be able to detect that your drain is clogged. Just because debris goes down, does not necessarily mean that your pipe system is functioning properly. To identify signs of clogging, you should look for things such as reduced motion or an increase in noise of the disposal. At this stage, you should probably stop using your garbage disposal and contact a local plumbing company such as NYC plumbers Aladdin Plumbing.

NYC Plumbers Recommend Maintenance Visits

The vast majority of the plumbing issues that homeowners experience result from household plumbing system neglect or improper upkeep. Plumbing system maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance can help to spot potential problems. Early detection enables a trained NYC plumber to fix things before further damage occurs. For example, if your pipe system is clogged and the problem is not treated in a timely manner, the backpressure of the clog will cause leaks to other parts of the system. This means that your plumbing bill could be significantly higher and even result in having to remove parts of walls or dig up floors.

Avoiding plumbing issues requires common sense and vigilance. You should always have your plumbing system checked at least once a year as this will help you from experiencing problems during the cold weather season. Please contact Aladdin Plumbing, NYC plumbers for more information on our plumbing maintenance services.

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