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Lochinvar On This Old House

Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine notes that an episode of This Old House® will feature the Lochinvar Knight boiler. The Knight high-efficiency boiler is installed by the master plumbers at Aladdin Plumbing Corp. who provided on-camera and on-site expertise during the episode.


The episode, scheduled to air for the first time in some markets on Thursday, March 12, documents a portion of the renovation of a neglected 1904 Renaissance Revival brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y., and includes the redesign of the home’s boiler room. (To determine the air date and local listings in various regions of the country, interested viewers can visit and search episode #2824.)

Throughout this season, the show’s experts are converting a 104-year-old rowhouse in Brooklyn’s historic Prospect Heights neighborhood from a nine-room boarding house to a three-family home, while preserving and restoring period detail wherever possible. In this particular episode, they choose to install two Knight Boilers to efficiently provide heat for the home’s cast iron radiators, radiant floor heating and domestic hot water.

According to Lochinvar, in addition to its ability to keep heating costs to an absolute minimum, the Knight is also an ideal choice for this project as it features 5:1 turndown, allowing the boiler to generate the precise amount of heat for consistent indoor comfort based on the outdoor temperature. [more]

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