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Irene Plumbing Problems? Call Aladdin at (718) 783-4621

As the east coast prepares for Hurricane Irene, Aladdin Plumbing Corp. want you to know that we are here to repair your Hurricane Irene plumbing problems. Call Aladdin Plumbing Corp. at (718) 783-4621. We will have extra crews available to meet your Hurricane Irene plumbing problems. Our emergency response units are all GPS enabled to ensure our rapid response.


New York City has begun to issue the first mandatory evacuations and the MTA has stated that all mass transit will be shut down in anticipation of Hurricane Irene making landfall in the NYC metro area on Sunday.  As The Wall Street Journal reports:

New York City’s mass-transit system could shut down for much of the weekend if Hurricane Irene arrives as is currently predicted, Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Jay Walder said Thursday evening.

The transit agency, which runs the city’s subways, buses and several commuter trains, can’t guarantee the safety of riders and employees if sustained winds reach above 39 miles per hour, Walder said. Even a weakened Irene would bring winds in excess of that speed, making it likely that the MTA will start shutting down service Saturday morning. There could be lingering delays and service outages into Monday’s morning rush hour.

It takes at least eight hours to shut down the nation’s largest mass-transit system, Walder said. The MTA’s network of rail, subway and bridges stretches from Long Island’s East End to the Hudson Valley and up the Connecticut coast.

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