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3 Fun Faucet Types for Your Next Remodel Project

Among the most enjoyable things about owning your own home is the freedom to remodel. There are a variety of faucet types that have recently come to market. Because a home should reflect the personality and preferences of the owner, you can and should remodel any room in the house to suit your style. You can rip out every non-supporting interior wall and rebuild or subtly change the look and feel of your home with accents and a few touches of paint. If you are looking to change the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom, one fun way to spice things up is with a fun and surprisingly modern faucet.

Faucet Types LED

Many homeowners go for the old-school look, favoring brass and spigot-style faucets that hearken back to previous eras. While you can do this if you like it, why not bring your home plumbing to the cutting-edge of modern technology and convenience? With one of these three trendy faucet styles, you can enhance the luxury, convenience, and fun of your home all at the same time.

Touch Faucets

For centuries we have been trying to figure out the perfect solution to the problem of having dirty hands and needing to turn on the sink to wash them. The last thing you want to do is grasp the handles which will only need to be washed afterward, and the fancy motion detection sinks still aren’t reliable enough to build into your home. One incredible solution to this problem that has become popular fairly recently is the touch faucet. Much like your touch lamps that switch on and off with the tap of a finger or toe, the press faucet turns on and off with a light touch.

Not only do they come in elegant styles to suit your decor, having a touch faucet means never washing another faucet handle again. Even if your hands are covered in raw meat from cooking, you can tap the faucet neck with your elbow to turn on the water and wash away.

Waterfall Faucets

Originally, faucets were a straight, dense stream of water from a well or municipal water supply. Plumbing technology then introduced the aerator, allowing us to spread out the water and use fewer gallons. The waterfall fountain is another exciting evolution in water delivery through a faucet and changes the shape of the water as it emerges.

Rather than a round stream or uneven stream of water from a circular faucet opening, a waterfall pours water over a flat surface or faucet head, creating a notably waterfall-shaped stream of water. If you prefer to wash your hands in a line-stream instead a round one or simply want to add something new and unusual to your bathroom, waterfall faucets are incredibly popular right now.

LED Faucets

For our last item, let’s talk about beautiful LED faucets. Many fauces come with colored LED lights that allow you to set your favorite color or a shifting pattern when you run the water. If you have never seen one of these in action, you are likely to be surprised at just how well water can carry colored light and if done well, it can appear as though your faucet is pouring out rainbows of color.

LED faucets are part of a rising lit-plumbing trend, and they may only be the beginning of your big remodel. There are also beautiful LED shower heads for the most enchanting bathing experience you have ever tried. There are even LED toilets that light up like a nightlight for those midnight calls of nature. If you like the look of seemingly magical colored lights in the water, an LED faucet is a wonderful place to start.

How will you decorate your bathroom during the next wave of remodels, renovations, and redecoration? We look forward to finding out what faucet types you are most interested in. For more faucet types, plumbing tips and ideas, contact Aladdin Plumbing today.