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5 Examples When You Need Emergency HVAC Repair

Do you need emergency HVAC repair? When it comes to home appliance repair, some things can wait and some things that can’t. Your dishwasher, for instance, is an incredibly convenient part of modern life. But you’re also perfectly capable of scrubbing dishes with a soapy sponge for a few days if that’s how long it takes for the repair guy to fit you into their schedule while water heater repairs are almost always urgent. Among the most integral and essential appliances in your Park Slope home is the HVAC system (heating, vents, and air conditioning). As you can likely guess, there are a few pleasant times of year when you can open the windows and wait a few days for repairs. However, there are a few situations where emergency HVAC repair is necessary.

Emergency Hvac Repair Thermostat

1) AC Gives Up in the Summer

Your home needs to repel a significant amount of heat in the summer to keep you comfortable, cool, and safe from heat stroke. A broken AC in the summer isn’t just inconvenient. It can be fairly debilitating. Heat reduces your ability to think or act as your body and brain both become sluggish. When you need to keep going to work, taking care of your kids, and not becoming a creature who lies on the cool tile to try and disperse some heat, you need HVAC repair right away. Once your air conditioner is fixed, the household can resume friendly sentient life at a sane and reasonable temperature.

2) When Your Heater Goes Out in the Winter

Winter is the most dangerous time of year, especially if you live in Park Slope. The temperature drops and anything without an active heat source will freeze solid. You need your furnace to be working in top condition when the temperature drops below 50 and it can be downright terrifying to realize that the heat has stopped flowing and your house is slowly turning into a housicle.

This is when you need emergency HVAC repair the most, because without it the health and safety of you and your family could be at risk.

3) Vents Stop Circulating Air

Old homes may be drafty and constantly getting breezes from outside, but modern homes and homes that have been successfully renovated are made to be sealed up. Energy efficiency (aka: HVAC efficiency) means keeping all the conditioned air in and only in taking outside air through approved channels. However, if your vents stop blowing, the air quality in your Park Slope home can drop significantly. Opening a window will help during the day but if you want conditioned air or to sleep securely, you’ll need an HVAC repair service on the double.

4) Residents Include Infants or Elderly

Of course, the seasons and circulation aren’t the only reasons why HVAC repair might be urgent. Most people are sensitive to extreme temperatures but there are some members of your family who might suffer if your home rises or drops out of a fairly narrow ideal temperature window. Infants are notoriously delicate little humans who need a safe temperature between 65 F and 75 For they risk getting too cold or overheating. If there is an elderly relative in your home, they may also be more sensitive to temperature as well. If your HVAC goes out, even in the spring or fall, with a baby or senior in the home, it’s important to get it fixed right away to keep them safe.

5) The House is Empty

Finally, you might not expect it, but a vacant house is also a very good reason to call for immediate HVAC repairs. Whether the home is empty because it’s about to be sold or simply because the family is on a long vacation, the home itself actually needs to be kept within a certain temperature range in order to keep the building materials and possessions in their ideal state. Home interiors should not be allowed to fall below 40 or above 85 or you risk warping, foundation cracks, and frozen pipes. If you are house-sitting or planning to sell an empty house when the HVAC goes, you’ll need immediate repairs.

Fortunately, HVAC repair is what we do best. If you’d like more information about how to get emergency HVAC repair in Park Slope when you need them, please contact Aladdin Plumbing today. We’re always ready to help to keep your family and your home safe.