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When to Call an Emergency Plumber in Park Slope

Most plumbing needs can be addressed by making an appointment.  But when a plumbing emergency arises for Park Slope residents, it is time to call an emergency plumber in Park Slope. If your plumbing stops working outside of standard business hours, your first dilemma may be deciding whether or not you should call in an emergency plumber. Typically, you will pay more for emergency service, so it can make sense to wait until daytime and take a regular appointment if you can. In other scenarios, it is best to call for 24/7 service because the damage caused waiting till morning will outweigh the cost of calling an emergency plumber in Park Slope. Some situations just can’t wait for business hours. Here are some of the big ones.

Stop Leak Emergency Plumber In Park Slope

Water Line Breaks

A line does not have to be a main to cause a catastrophe when it breaks. If you suddenly find water gushing all over the place, you need to get that shut off before you suffer massive flood damage. Look for the valve yourself first – since you are right there, you might be able to do the shutoff step yourself. If you cannot find the valve or get it to turn off, proceed to call the plumber immediately.

If you do get the valve to co-operate, you will still want an emergency plumber to make sure that the water does not gush out again. You will also need the line fixed, so you regain the proper, controlled use of its water.

Sewage is Coming Up Where it Does Not Belong

Sewage is not just smelly – it is a health hazard. This is especially true with municipal systems, where the waste might not even be yours. If you suddenly find it coming up from your ground floor or basement overflow drain or fixture drains, there is likely a clog that has been interfering with your main sewer line. Call an emergency plumber right away to keep the mess from getting worse and minimize the health hazards.

A “Small” Problem Is Not Small for You

Clogged sinks and toilets, minor faucet leaks, and other such things cannot always realistically wait until daytime. Night workers, in particular, have to get things done on their usual schedules, which is to say at night because they need to sleep during the day.

If this is your situation, the emergency plumber might as well be the only plumber. Call him, because trying to be up all day after working all night is a recipe for illness. Having someone on your night off is a better option.

Your Plumbing HAS to be Fixed by Morning

Sometimes, you just cannot wait for daytime service. Whether you are having guests over, holding a morning meeting with a client, or showing your home for sale, everything must be in tip-top shape early in the day. Then, an emergency plumber is what you need if something goes wrong with your house’s pipes the night before. No one will ever know there was a problem because everything will be working perfectly.

These are just some of the scenarios that call for the services of an emergency plumbing company. As you can see, timing is as important as the size of the job when it comes to deciding to invest in off-hours service.

While this article has focused on residential scenarios, it is important to note that we at Aladdin Plumbing Corp. handle emergency commercial plumbing work as well. We will be glad to come to your store, office, factory, or other commercial location at any time.

Our trucks have the parts and equipment needed to handle most problems on the spot so that repairs will be fast and efficient. To get an emergency plumber in Park Slope who will come as soon as possible, contact Aladdin Plumbing today. We will be glad to help with your dilemma, whether it is as small as a dripping faucet or as large as a geyser.