Aladdin’s Workers Were Very Organized, Efficient

Jan 17, 2012 | Testimonials & Reviews

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I own a brownstone in Park Slope. I decided to zone my heating system so that the heat would only be on when and where it was needed. I got several quotes and decided to go with Aladdin based on the recommendation of a contractor that I have used for other projects, even though Aladdin didn’t quote the lowest price. I was very satisfied with the work. Aladdin’s workers were very organized and efficient. Moreover Aladdin proposed an innovative remote/radio controlled thermostat system that eliminated the need for separate in-wall thermostat wiring for the new heating zones. As a result I did not have to pay to have someone wire the upgraded heating system. That saving put the total cost of the rezoning in the same ballpark as the other quotes that I got.

Bernard G.

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