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Get The Perfect Mudroom Renovation for Both People and Pets

If you have people and pets coming and going, a mudroom renovation from Aladdin Plumbing that is designed for both will make everyone’s day easier. Not every home has a mudroom, but any home that houses energetic outside dogs (and people) should probably have one. For anyone who doesn’t already have one, a mudroom is a special entryway designed to let people shed their muddy boots and clothes before entering cleaner, easier to stain parts of the house. Some people use the walk-in from their front door while others leave their original entryway elegant and instead make a mudroom out of the back laundry entrance.

Mudroom Renovation

Simply having a mudroom ready and waiting for messy arrivals, you have the freedom to let you your kids play in the sprinkler and have no worries when your dogs roll around in the mud after it rains. Even adults can relax about getting messy if the mudroom is well equipped with coat hooks, towels, and an area to wash off in extremely dirty circumstances. Here are the top 5 keys to building a perfectly convenient mudroom for both pets and people.

1) Room Design

First and foremost, your mudroom needs to be somewhat accommodating for the activity that will go on inside. It’s important to remember that you’re not just moving through the mudroom to the kitchen or living room, there will be times in which the whole family stops to take off jackets, rain boots, or muddy outer clothes so you’ll want plenty of room to move around.

Once you’ve got space covered, make sure the walls and floors are stain-resistant. You can tile the walls like a bathroom or use glossy water-resistant paint. Linoleum or tile floors are best for water resistance and easy mopping, but tiles can give you a classy beautiful alternative.

We’ll also be talking about the types of plumbing features for boot washing, hand washing, and dog washing, along with some fun storage and outdoor adventure gear you’ll want to build into your mudroom.

2) Coat Hooks and Laundry Baskets

Considering the mess that adults, children, and pets might come in with, especially after big rainstorms or messy outdoor play sessions, you’ll want somewhere to put the muddy garments. Coat hooks and washable shelves for coats and boots are a great place to start. Many people also add at least one laundry basket to accept muddy socks and any outer clothes that picked up too much mud to be worn into the rest of the house. The more muddy items can be shed before anyone walks on the carpet, the better.

3) Laundry Machines

One of the best things you can put in your mudroom is laundry machines. When everyone comes in soaked from the rain, covered in mud, or even messier and less predictable circumstances, why risk even one gob of mud hitting your clean carpets on the other side of the mudroom? Having a washer and dryer ready means that you can throw dirty clothes directly into the wash. Coats, socks, even pants, shirts, and underthings can all be dealt with quickly and easily. Any towels used to mop up after the messy party can also be thrown straight into the wash. You can even offer a quick laundry cleaning and drying service for guests who arrive soaked or grimy.

4) Spare Clothes and Towels

Of course, having a washer and dryer in your mudroom suggests that people could be disrobing, and they’ll need something to put on afterward. You might be surprised how useful it becomes, but one of the best features for a mudroom is a few shelves full of clean, dry clothes and towels for family and guests to put on as they get rid of damp and messy clothes and throw them in the wash. Even if you don’t wind up with a full change of clothes, switching out your jacket and rain boots for a fluffy towel is always a nice way to transition from outside to home.

5) Shower and Dog Wash

Finally, the furry members of your family don’t have the option of taking off their outer layer, and, on occasion, the younger children may get muddy all the way to the skin. In these moments, your best friend is a mudroom shower and dog-wash. All you need is a simple shower stall with a detachable hose-sprayer. That way, you can wash off the toddlers and pets quickly and easily. For older kids and adults who need a quick wash (or a changing stall), the shower is a great way to wash off the cold and the grime before grabbing one of the spare fluffy towels and a fresh change of soft clothes while their normal clothes wash.

While not every day is going to come with torrents of rain or muddy play, most families are very glad to have a mudroom on days that do bring mess and damp. Cleaning a mudroom should be as simple as picking everything up and mopping from corner to corner and, believe us, your carpets will thank you. For more great home improvement insights, contact Aladdin Plumbing today!